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Vero Beach Reefs 
Thank you very much for taking the time to experience
the wonderful beauty which lies just a few feet off of
the Vero Beach Shore.  The marine life off of our coast
depend on the reefs for survival.  Whether theyare actually
called "coral reefs", or whether they are "limestone reefs
with coral growing on it", is only a technicality to
baulk at. The impact of the possible destruction of these reefs could be horrible and must be prevented.

Please join us on this crusade to open the eyes of many.
Our reefs are dependant on a good and practical solution
to the beach erosion problem.


            help us to Save the Beauty!

  Save  the beauty!!
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All Photos on Vero Beach are actual amateur photographs of the marine life off the near,middle,
and far reefs of Vero Beach and Indian River County.  All photos are copywrited and may not be
copied or duplicated without expressed permission by Vero Beach Reefs...  All requests may be
emailed to or