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Vero Beach Reefs 

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit .
We have spent much time and money not for profit, but because we feel this issue is of such great importance to the beauty that we love and enjoy living in Florida.

Many of us relocated here because of this beauty and now we have been irresponsible and are destroying it and many other types of it.

Thank you for visiting.  Please help us by emailing or signing the petitions.  We are not trying to start any trouble, we simply want to find a solution so that all can be happy and all can continue to enjoy these magnificent wonders of our neighboorhood.

Vero Beach

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"All Photos on Vero Beach are actual amateur photographs of the marine life off the near,middle, and far reefs of Vero Beach and Indian River County.  All photos are copywrited and may not be copied or duplicated without expressed permission by Vero Beach Reefs...  All requests may be mailed to or"

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